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Summer Bolognese Bowl

Quick, light, and fresh meals are ideal for cooks entertaining family and friends over the summer season

Summer Dinners

Fresh summer recipes are a must-have for any home cook. Go-to flavours for easy yet satisfying meals include lime, coriander, lemon and mint. Fruit-infused vinegars infused also pair well with most summer salad dishes and sides. And if you are not sure what to serve around the pool, fresh cut fruit and ice cold drinks are always a winner. 
Whether cooking lunch or supper, create lightness in meals on hot days by garnishing with fresh herbs, yoghurt, lemon or lime. Adding a salad to meals will also create a light summer feel. Other ways to craft lighter nutritious meals include switching meat for vegetables, grilling instead of frying, and using olive oil instead of butters.

Summer Desserts

While most desserts are satisfyingly sweet, summer desserts have that fresh cool taste we crave on summer days. Ice-cream, yoghurt, and fruit-topped or filled desserts replace warm baked dishes when the weather is warmer. The plus side is that summer desserts are usually easier to prepare and require less time in in the kitchen.
Still looking for ideas to brighten a dessert? Swopping ice-cream with sorbet, using chocolate as a garnish instead of the hero ingredient, swopping dense cakes with an airy soufflé, or adding citrus to naturally dense desserts will work wonders!

Fresh infusions for summer days

So, you have the lunch and dessert down, but what about drinks? While fruit juices and cold drinks are popular summer choices, nothing beats a home-made water infusion of fresh herbs and fruit. Water infusions are healthy and fresh, and easy to prepare which makes them popular when entertaining. Not sure where to start? Try infusing strawberry, lemon and mint in filtered water overnight in the fridge. Other great combinations to try include orange and lime, or strawberry and pineapple.

summer bolognaise bowl recipe prepared with the TM6

Tips for the summer bolognaise bowl


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