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WunderSlider® X for Thermomix TM6/TM5


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WunderSlider X – The invisible sliding board alternative for the Thermomix TM6/TM5

Can you move the Thermomix without a sliding board? That’s possible with the new WunderSlider from Wundermix!

The patented WunderSlider was developed by Wundermix as a cost-effective alternative to the classic sliding board. With the help of the WunderSlider, the Thermomix can be moved effortlessly on the kitchen countertop. This is just as gentle on the kitchen worktop as it is on the sensitive scales of the Thermomix TM6/TM5.

All WunderSlider benefits in one view

  • Effortless movement on any worktop
  • Perfect fit for the Thermomix TM6/TM5
  • Can be mounted on the appliance in just a few seconds
  • Protects the sensitive balance of the TM6/TM5
  • Invisibly hidden under the appliance
  • TM6/TM5 stands on its own feet on the countertop
  • No additional space requirement/height remains the same
  • Made in Germany

Also ideal as a gift!

The WunderSlider comes in an attractive presentation box that is particularly suitable as a gift.

This is how easy it is to use the WunderSlider

Easy to operate

Use both hands to grasp the front of the Thermomix at the bottom left and right of the casing and lift it by approx. 3-4 cm until the two rubber feet at the back are completely detached from the kitchen worktop.

Effortless sliding

The weight of the appliance is thus transferred to the two Teflon gliders of the WunderSlider and the Thermomix can be moved effortlessly in all directions and set down again.

How it works

  • Attachment to Thermomix in a few seconds.

    The WunderSlider is made of sturdy plastic and has two protruding mounting pins, which are simply inserted into the two openings on the bottom of the Thermomix TM5/TM6.

  • 2 Teflon glides for best gliding properties

    Like the ThermoSlider, which has been tried and tested ten thousand times over, the WunderSlider is also equipped with two high-quality Teflon glides to enable the Thermomix to be moved effortlessly on all smooth surfaces.

  • Maximum stability without the use of stoppers

    Additionally to a conventional gliding board like the ThermoSlider, no stoppers are required for the WunderSlider, as the Thermomix stands on its own rubber feet directly on the kitchen worktop.

  • Mobility for the 8 kg kitchen machine

    The weight of the Thermomix is transferred to the two Teflon gliders of the WunderSlider by lifting the front of the appliance. This allows the Thermomix to be moved in any direction.

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