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Thermomix® Embossed Rolling Pin


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Thermomix® cookie dough is the stuff of legends, and when you team it up with the Thermomix® Embossed Cookie Dough Roller you’ve got the perfect surprise treat for your Cooking Experience or party guests made in minutes – embossed and baked with ❤️ and the Thermomix® logo!

Our Thermomix® Cookie Dough Roller is made from high-grade solid beechwood with no toxic glue or wood preservatives, so it’s 100% food safe and BPA-free. We also made sure it’s plenty long enough to imprint a family-sized pie crust with one roll, lightweight enough to maneuver easily, but weighty enough to effortlessly emboss, and smooth enough to resist sticking and absorbing moisture.

To emboss like a boss, roll out your dough with a regular, smooth rolling pin. We recommend the French Rolling Pin for ease, control and maneuverability. As soon as you’ve got your dough nice and flat and even, simply roll the Thermomix® embossed rolling pin over your dough once, applying medium pressure. The engravings will imprint a perfect Thermomix®-branded pattern that turns beautifully crisp and golden when baked, adding that personal finishing touch.

Baking a cake, cupcakes or a pie instead? You can follow the same steps with fondant or pie crust to add a personal flourish with your Thermomix® embossed rolling pin.

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