Square Pan BBQ Bottom


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BBQ grill pan with a unique diamond pattern and 8-10 mm thick bottom, created in close cooperation with professional Chefs with a perfectly fried steak in mind.

While grill pans with thinner bottoms drop the temperature when you place a piece of cold meat, causing at the end for a steak to lose its natural juices and dry out, the AMT BBQ pan perfectly retains heat on the whole surface and does not cool down in contact with the meat. Steak is perfectly seared and browned on the outside, and at the same time tender on the inside.

The BBQ grill pan is also be perfect for preparing fish and vegetables, enhancing their flavor and preserving natural nutritional values thanks to the much faster frying process.

The diamond pattern – available only in the our offer – makes prepared meals to look unique and appetizing. Thanks to the detachable handle, the grill pan can also be used in the oven.

Innovative non-stick coating prevents food from sticking to the surface and allows frying without oil, so you can enjoy a healthy, tasty meals. Cleaning afterwards is effortless: just wipe the pan with a piece of paper towel or wash it in a small amount of water with detergent.

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