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Silicone Lid Cover


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For all those faves you need to prep in advance, refrigerate overnight or multi-task with two Bowls, our Thermomix Bowl Covers have got your meal prep covered – with an airtight, zero-waste, reusable alternative to plastic wrap. No need to empty your Thermomix Bowl into a container. Slip on a cover and pop your Bowl straight in the fridge. Or leave it out on your kitchen bench while you crack on with whatever’s up next. Mains, sides, coffee, TV, homework, gym or maybe dessert.

Made to securely fit your TM5, TM6 or TM31 Thermomix Bowl and 2.6 litre Thermomix ThermoServer, they’re the only Thermomix Bowl Covers tested and approved by our Thermomix Recipe Development team here in Australia.

They’ll also cover any other 20cm bowls and pans you’ve got in your kitchen, so you’ll never need to see another scrap of plastic wrap. Flexible silicone and clever design make them super easy to slip on and off. Just lift the tabs, place the cover over your Thermomix Bowl and turn down the tabs to secure tightly.

Protect all your meal prep from drying or spoiling, from moisture and drips in the fridge, or from pesky insects on camping trips. Grab our silicone Thermomix Bowl Covers at a great-value everyday price.

Do not use in place of your Thermomix Bowl Lid when your machine is in use. Does not include the Thermomix, Thermomix Bowl, Thermomix ThermoServer, Varoma base, Varoma tray or Varoma lid.

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