Roasting Dish Lid


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Versatile, large aluminum roasting pan with low sides, which can also be used as a lid for an 11L roasting dish. Perfect for searing, braising, baking meat, poultry, fish and vegetables.

The special surface with grill ribs helps to get rid of excess fat, keep it down in the grooves, which makes your food healthier. Special funnel ensures easy fat releasing. The grill pattern leaves perfect marks giving your meals a distinctive look.

The innovative Lotan® coating allows you to prepare meals without the use of additional fat, while ensures nothing sticks to the surface. Moreover, it makes cleaning up the dishes much easier.

Made of high-quality casted aluminum, which ensures quick and even heat distribution. This roasting pan heats up quickly and maintains the temperature for a long time, even after switching off the knob.

It does not cool down when in contact with the cold meat, so meat remains perfectly juicy on the inside and at the same time fried and browned on the outside. Vegetables prepared in this pan retain more color, natural juices, and minerals.

This roasting pan can be used at temperatures up to 240°C.

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