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Pairing Utility Knife


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Introducing our ultra-versatile, meticulously handcrafted Utility Paring Knife, perfectly balanced to help you multi-task in the kitchen. Long enough for most tasks, yet short enough for intricate handwork, it’s curved to help you cut, chop and slice every ingredient like butter.    

Painstakingly hand-crafted, the blade of our Utility Paring Knife is cut from Japanese-made AUS-8 high-carbon steel for optimal strength, rigidity, durability and chopping board performance. It’s easy to sharpen, and is highly stain-resistant for easy maintenance. Not only that – our knives go through no less than 16 stages of preparation in the hand-making process to ensure superior performance and quality guarantee. We mean it when we say this isn’t just any knife.  

We put just as much sharp thinking into the ergonomic micarta resin handle to give you complete confidence and comfort in your grip. The easy-to-clean handle perfectly fills the palm and feels smooth to the touch, but actually becomes grippier when wet. And, see the angled top edge of the handle and file pattern etched into the stainless steel blade? They’ll give your thumb and index finger an extra-secure pinch-grip as you cut, chop and slice every ingredient like butter.   

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