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Oven Tray Liner – Small


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Our reusable Thermomix non-stick silicone oven tray liners are a great alternative to baking paper or cooking with aluminium foil,  saving you time and money too.

Give your well-loved trays the good-as-new look and extended life in your kitchen and on your table. Our silicone oven tray liners withstand temps up to 240°C and as low as -40°C, so you can pop them in your fridge or freezer for storing your pre-made patties, doughs and pastries until they’re ready to cook.

Turn out evenly baked results that slide off with no mess or fuss, every time, and keep that divine shine on your oven trays.

Small silicone oven tray liner:

Width: 14.5cm
Length: 22.5cm


  • A reusable alternative to baking paper and foil
  • Silicone oven tray liners – a healthy alternative to cooking with aluminum foil
  • Non-stick tray liners release your bakes with ease and no mess
  • Keep your oven trays looking immaculate
  • Cooks and browns your bakes perfectly evenly
  • Saves time and waste and easy to clean up
  • Withstands temps from -40°C up to 240°C
  • Great baking sheet alternative for cookies or oven fries

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