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Mixing Bowl Lid


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Discover the Innovative TM6 Mixing Bowl Lid for Your Thermomix

Experience the brilliance of the TM6 mixing bowl lid, a testament to the ingenuity within the Thermomix design. This accessory opens the door to a range of creative possibilities, notably showcased in the flawless emulsification of sauces like mayo or hollandaise. With the mixing bowl lid, achieving the perfect emulsion is effortless – simply drizzle oil or melted butter gradually onto the lid’s surface. Watch as it elegantly trickles into the mixing bowl, encircling the measuring cup.

Beyond its emulsifying prowess, the shape of the mixing bowl lid serves a dual purpose. It transforms into a stable base, revolutionizing the art of weighing ingredients with your Thermomix. Bid farewell to the hassle of direct pouring into the mixing bowl. Instead, leverage the lid’s design to position bowls or ingredients securely atop it, allowing seamless weighing using your Thermomix.

Elevate your culinary journey with the TM6 mixing bowl lid – where innovation meets convenience, and precision intertwines with creativity. Unlock a new realm of cooking possibilities today.

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