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EasySlider® | Acrylic sliding board for Thermomix TM6, TM5


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We wouldn’t be us if we didn’t already have a wonderful solution ready for you

The Wundermix EasySlider for Thermomix TM6 or TM5 is your new friend and helper in the kitchen. Without much effort, scratching or squeaking, the Thermomix can be moved across the countertop with the EasySlider.


  • Protects the sensitive scales of the Thermomix TM5/TM6
  • Ergonomic handle for easy sliding on the kitchen countertop
  • 2 Teflon glides attached to the back for effortless gliding
  • 4 rubber stoppers for stable stand
  • Roughened surfaces for a perfect fit of the TM5/TM6 rubber feet
  • Perfect fit for Thermomix TM6/TM5
  • Highest quality – Made in Germany
  • 1A functionality
  • The modern look made of high-quality acrylic also makes it a real eye-catcher for any kitchen environment.

The handling is as simple as it is ingenious

Place the Thermomix TM6 or TM5 with the three legs on the grooved, pre-marked spots. To move it, lift the handle with one hand until the EasySlider is just standing on the Teflon glides. Thanks to the ergonomics of the handle and the light weight of the EasySlider, the Thermomix is now very easy to grasp, lift and move back and forth safely on all surfaces. The rubber stoppers ensure a safe and stable stand on the work surface after lowering.

With the EasySlider, making space in the kitchen is done in a jiffy

Even obstacles such as the edge of the hob are no problem for it. It overcomes any unevenness on the kitchen worktop in no time at all. To do this, you grab the side of the Thermomix and can easily move the gliding board.

When things get busy in the kitchen again, with chopping, seasoning and frying going on everywhere, every free space on the worktop is worth its weight in gold. So just cook smart – with Wundermix!

Start your TM6 Journey

Cooking is about sharing, and in that spirit we want to make sure that you get the most out of your Thermomix® experience. Before you make a purchase, experience the TM6, we will come over to cook in your kitchen – to show you just how easy and fun it can be!

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