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Complete Baby Bundle – Pink


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You’ll save big with our gorgeous pink complete baby bundle – saving you time, money, mini meltdowns and toddler tantrums. It packs a lot of new parent essentials, including our silicone suction bowl set and plate, bib, sippy cup, popsicle moulds and baby food storage pods, all in matching colours, to start your baby tableware collection.

All designed with smart baby-safe features so you, your Thermie and baby can explore a whole range of nutritious homemade hot and cold foods and drinks, flavours and textures together.

The entire baby and toddler set is made from 100% food-safe, BPA-free, durable silicone, they’re dishwasher and steriliser-safe for easy cleaning, and fridge, freezer and oven safe (withstanding -40°C to 230°C) for heating up meal prep and leftovers or second helpings for a mini-me with a big appetite.

They’re safe to take out on all your adventures, surviving unscathed if your mischievous munchkin launches them into the air from the hair chair or stroller. And every lid fits on tightly but lifts off easily, so you can save your wrestling strength for anything else life with a toddler throws at you.

This bundle is also available in our gorgeous blue colour set that won’t stain or fade and will look good after years of use, our silicone baby feeding set is perfect for every new parent and ideal for money-saving hand-me-downs.

Silicone suction bowl set
No more supervising every spoonful or major clean-up operations when you serve up in this super-strong silicone suction bowl with baby-safe spoon and fork. It fits most highchairs, sticks to almost any solid, smooth surface and gives your little one the chance to develop their fine motor skills.

Silicone suction plate
Keep even the fussiest and messiest munchkins smiling with this cute silicone suction plate that’s built to stay put and is divided into three perfectly sized section, so there are no meltdowns over foods getting too friendly with the sauce or ending up on the floor.

Baby food storage pods
Making nutritiously balanced baby meals in your Thermie is the cheapest and easiest way to wean and give your wee one the best start in life. With these silicone freezer pods, you’ll have 10 perfectly sized portions ready to quickly pop out and serve. They also make great storage containers for breast milk, stock paste, chilled desserts and giant ice cubes or steaming pods for mini puddings.

Silicone sippy cup with straw
With a soft-to-touch but grippy surface and no-spill lid, our sippy cup helps thirsty little mouths and hands get to grips with drinking from a big-kid straw and an open cup (which helps improve speech development and reduce tooth decay too). It’s a great way to explore a whole range of nutritious homemade hot and cold beverages* to-go with your mini-me and Thermie.

*Not suitable for thick contents.

Silicone bib
Sturdy but soft on baby’s skin, our waterproof silicone bib with deep catcher and adjustable straps has got your munchkin covered from six months old to three years. Strong snaps stop even the most determined little demon ripping it off, and the deep catcher stops food ending up on the floor or clothes and going to waste – anything edible that falls in there is safe to eat.

Set of 2 popsicle moulds
Whether it’s to sooth a teething toddler or as a healthy summertime treat, quickly and easily whip up icy poles in your Thermomix® and then store them in these BPA-free silicone moulds (pack of 2). Healthier, tastier, cheaper, allergy-friendly and zero-waste too. Have only the best of the best for you and bub

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