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Cellulose Sponges Set of 3


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Adaptable and durable, your pack of three reusable kitchen cloths are more than capable of replacing all your kitchen sponges and dishcloths and make a super-absorbent paper towel alternative – saving money, space and waste all in one go.

They make scrubbing the tough stuff a breeze when used dry, yet they’re soft enough when wet to gently lift the dirt from your Thermomix and other appliances, stone or wooden benchtops, tiles, stainless steel or glass without leaving a scratch or streak.

Made up of 70% absorbent wood pulp and 30% cotton tea-towel, they’re 100% dishwasher-safe, machine washable and plastic-free. With a cleaning life of up to six months, plus a minimalist black and white design that won’t clash with your kitchen decor, your value pack of three can last, look good and serve you well for over a year.

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