Homemade, made effortless

Thermomix® does the work so you can make time for what matters most
TM6 - The All-In-One Multicooker

Create magic moments

The benefits of cooking with Thermomix® touch every part of your life.
Thermomix prep time

Less prep time

Thermomix® is like a second pair of hands in the kitchen. Hands with professional knife skills and the need to give you all the credit.

More family time

Guided Cooking allows you to prepare delicious meals quickly while doing other things, like helping the kids with homework, playing games or setting the table.

Thermomix family
Thermomix creativity

Get creative

Breakfast in Paris, lunch in Mexico City and dinner in Rome; eat around the world without ever leaving your home, thanks to the endless inspiration of Cookidoo®, the Thermomix® recipe platform.

Take control

Whether you are cooking for your vegan best friend or a carnivorous party of 6, Thermomix® puts the control into your hands to make delicious meals from scratch, without any special skills.
Thermomix control

Cook like a chef with Cookidoo®

Choose from over 40’000 globally shared recipes for unlimited inspiration.  Available at the touch of a button through your Cookidoo® app!

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The Thermomix® digital ecosystem is as efficient as you’d expect from German engineers. So you don’t have to be.